“It looks really nice, but I can’t afford it.”

It’s the most common phrase all digital marketers hear from business owners. They don’t want to spend the money on professionals to handle marketing materials like logos, websites, ads, and manage online presence including social media accounts.

Initially, professional design and marketing work can seem like a big expense with a low return on investment. Unlike traditional business expenses (such as equipment and software), design and marketing work appears to be less tangible, and on the surface, it’s harder to measure the necessity and benefit.

But businesses that choose to cut corners on their marketing budgets are businesses that are more likely to end up closing their doors…permanently. In fact, lists “failure to market online” as one of the top reasons new businesses fail! In a business climate where 80% of startups fail in the first 18 months (Forbes), skimping on professionally designed marketing materials is a risk business owners can’t afford to take.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should hire a digital marketing agency for your business:

1. Digital Marketing Agencies know what they’re doing.

Agencies work with professional designers, marketers, and content creators. They have spent years becoming educated, honing their craft, and figuring out what works well, and what doesn’t work at all. Yes, you can build yourself a free website on any number of platforms. But can you make it look good? Can you make it function in a way that appeals to your target customer? The better your website looks and functions, the more customers you will attract who are willing to spend money on your business. lists “bad marketing and internet presence” as the #4 reason why businesses fail, which is a problem that is easily preventable!

2. Reputation is everything.

A Digital Marketing Agency makes your business our business, and part of that is assessing and managing your online reputation. A tone-deaf tweet or bad online review can hurt a business’s digital reputation and affect its ability to attract new customers. Agencies make it our priority to help business owners navigate the waters of social media, respond appropriately to negative reviews, and utilize online resources to keep customers happy.

3. We live in a specialized economy.

This is good news for everyone who doesn’t have the time to churn their own butter, assemble their own cars, or weave their own fabric. If your business is making soap, then making soap is the absolute best use of your time because that’s what makes you money! Spending valuable time on marketing and design, which is not what your business provides, is a waste of time because it means you have less time to make soap. We happily pay an accountant to handle our taxes because that’s what he does. If we spent our time doing taxes, we’d have less time to work on snappy blog posts like this one. And that’s a loss for everyone.

4. Technology, and its impact on marketing advances at a breakneck pace. 

Digital marketing agencies make it their business to stay on top of the advances in technology and social media so we can bring the best value and service to our clients as possible. Consider the impact Facebook has had on businesses during just the last decade alone. We make it our business to analyze trends, understand new marketing methods, and keep our clients connected in the most up-to-date way possible.

5. When it comes to design, like toilet paper, you get what you pay for.

Do you want your business to be remembered as the one that left the customer feeling itchy and raw? Or is your business the one that left your customers going back for another swipe because the first one felt so good? Investing in quality marketing materials pays off in the form of multiple happy, loyal customers. (Side note: this is totally why you should also hire a professional writer. Seriously.)

As business owners, we have to make constant tough decisions about how to spend our valuable capital. Businesses who choose to invest in valuable, professionally designed and executed marketing materials are the businesses that attract and keep, most customers. Skimping on these crucial materials is not a mistake businesses can afford to make.


May 2024