Having an online presence is essential to your business success today. Millions of busy or quarantining or just efficiency-seeking people rely on the quick convenience of online shopping for their needs. Here are a few e-commerce business basics you need to know about in order to do it well!

Creating a Functioning Website

First of all, make sure that your webpages are effective and functional! Poor aesthetics can create distrust in users, and complicated navigations tend to cause “cart abandonment,” in which a consumer becomes exasperated by the process of purchasing and decides to abandon the purchase entirely. Building a solid website should therefore be a priority. E-Commerce website building platforms like Shopify make piecing together your site straightforward and simple, but may restrict your design and function options. Website developers, on the other hand, can program a webpage for you exactly how you want it—both aesthetically and for functionality—so that you can feel confident that you and your consumers can navigate the website with ease.

Shipping and Logistics

As an e-commerce business, all your products will require reliable shipping and logistics management. This grants your customer the confidence that their purchase will be fulfilled in a timely and quality manner, which subsequently boosts your reputation and helps you keep tabs on your products for customer service solutions. Research deals you can make with shipping fulfillment services that can save you on packaging and shipping rates, as these can add up quickly! Furthermore, make sure to utilize a barcode system with your product shipping. Barcodes on your products help to track and manage inventory. Stay on top of all your products, in stock and on their way to buyers!

Advertising and Accessibility

Understandably, one of the best places you can market the products on your e-commerce site is online! Take advantage of the high traffic on websites, especially social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These sites are visited by millions of users daily; plus, their algorithms can put your products and pages right into the hands (or views) of exactly the audience likely to purchase your products! Advertisements are easy and fast ways to get webpage visits that turn into exploration, that turns into purchases. You can even sell directly from many of these social media platforms, allowing users to access your goods in a “marketplace” they are familiar with.

It’s always smart to start with the basics. With these things in mind, your e-commerce business will have what it needs to get off the ground and into people’s homes and lives. Each aspect will improve the efficiency of your company’s efforts and increase productivity and profits!

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June 2024


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