Customers are the driving force behind any successful company. However, high-traffic businesses often suffer from the same issue, customer retention. With a couple of steps, you will be able to not only reach more customers but also grow a loyal customer base.

Get Them on an Email List

A common reason for the loss of customers is because once your business is out of sight, it is also out of mind. To combat this, you need to get your customers on a regular email list. You can collect their emails through online surveys, at check out, or as a part of the service sign-up. Once you have their emails, you can set up weekly or biweekly newsletters to keep them informed. A good newsletter could include sales, promotions, or new products, as well as customer or company stories. The more interesting you can make your newsletter, the less likely it would be to just sit in someone’s spam folder.

Follow Up With Them

If your customers had a positive experience with your business, you will want to capitalize off of that feeling as soon as possible. For this reason, you need to follow up with your customers if you want to retain them. This gives them the opportunity to reflect on a positive experience and gives you an opportunity to collect their contact information. You can follow up with them through email or even text messages. Texting has an almost 100 percent open rate, so you can be sure customers will see your messages. In the follow-up, you can ask for a simple review which you can then display online.

Build a Loyalty Program

People love the idea of rewards or the promise of free gifts, even if they have to do some work to earn it. By signing your customers up for a loyalty program, you are more likely to retain them because they can see how they will also benefit from it. If you are a smaller, in-person business, an easy way to do this is with punch cards, where customers get closer and closer to a free item every time they come. You can also have them sign up to join the loyalty program online and have a system collect their points virtually.

In the right circumstances, customers can be life-changing. This is only possible if your business can turn casual clients into loyal customers. By regular interaction and incentives, you will be able to build a supportive customer family in no time.

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June 2024


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