The marketing funnel is a strategy used by many businesses. Using this strategy can help you find ways to bring in new customers and it can help you evaluate your entire process so you can make adjustments. Learning how to use the marketing funnel can be very beneficial to your business.

Understand How it Works

Before you can use the marketing funnel, you need to understand what it is and how it works. The marketing funnel is a model that tracks the stages a consumer will go through before they actually engage with your business. There are three main stages. The first is the awareness stage. This is when a customer is first introduced to your brand or they are taking their first look. At this stage, you want to appeal to a wide audience and draw people in. The second stage is the consideration stage where your customers are interested in engaging with your business. During this stage, you want to help them make their decision. The final stage is the decision stage and this is when customers will either engage or walk away. If you understand the journey your customers go on, you can learn how to appeal to them and encourage them to continue down the funnel.

Convince Them

One of the most critical parts of the marketing funnel is when your customers are on the verge of making a decision. Your actions can be the turning point for whether or not they engage with you. At this stage, it is your job to convince your customer why they should move forward. One way you can do this is by showing them you are addressing their needs. For example, some products can be a major investment for a consumer. It can be helpful if you provide a price comparison guide or any sort of comparison guide. This provides them with a helpful resource and it can show them that you are willing to address their needs. The consideration phase is also the time where you should use advertisements and website content that stress what benefit your product or service will offer to the consumer.

Make it Accessible

To actually convert customers, you need to ensure that they have an easy time accessing your website, content, information, etc. One place to start with is the navigation on your website. You should have a clear menu with obvious headings. Don’t make it difficult or confusing for customers to find the information they need. You can also integrate a search option into your website to make it even easier for customers to find pages or products. Using an AI bot is another helpful option. This will allow customers to have 24/7 access to customer service and they can easily have questions answered without having to search out the information themselves. In addition to navigating your website and finding information, your customers need to know what your call to action is. An example of this is encouraging them to make a purchase. Placing your call to action in multiple places will help it stick in their mind. This will make it easy for them to know what to do next.

Create Content

To successfully use a marketing funnel on your website, you need to be creating content. There are many types of content you can create and they all apply to a specific stage of the marketing funnel. During the awareness phase, you want to draw people in. For this stage, you should create advertisements, videos, infographics, and any other kind of promotional material. These should usually be short and attention grabbing. For the consideration phase, you want to provide more informational content. This can include blog posts, email newsletters, and social media posts. During this stage create content that shares information about your business or even information that is related to your business. During the decision phase, you want to make that final push to encourage people to engage. You can create contests or giveaways as well as special offers. Create anything that will push that final decision.

Make a Quality Website

Having a quality website is important during any phase of the marketing funnel, but it is often most important during the awareness phase. If you have a low-quality website, people will click away very quickly. Things that push people away include slow loading speed, messy design, low quality pictures, poor organization and more. Being aware of common website design mistakes can help you adjust your website so it can help move customers down the funnel.

Perform Analytics

As you implement new strategies to move customers down the marketing funnel, you need to be evaluating those strategies. Look at your customer’s journey and see where you can make improvements. Determine what strategies are doing the most for you and see if there are any that are not helping. You can find many tools that will help you perform analytics on your website to track traffic, searches, etc. so you can better understand what is happening on your website.

The marketing funnel is a very useful tool for businesses. Using when allows you to understand your customer’s journey and you can implement strategies that can facilitate their movement down the funnel.

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