When I sit down to create content for our blog or social channels I am faced with the challenge of getting a lot of things done with a small window of time. This is a challenge for a lot of writers, videographers, illustrators, and photographers, so we have put together a list of tools that have helped us move from task items on the list to finished products.

From quickly creating social media posts to proofreading we’ve compiled our shortlist of useful tools that can help you get in, get it done, and move on to the next post. All of these tools are free and ready to use for your content creation needs.

ImgFlip Meme Generator

Social Distancing meme

You could spend hours searching the web for the perfect meme or you could invest five minutes to create your own. ImgFlip Memegenerator also allows you to upload your own images.

The platform is easy to use and the memes you generate can be downloaded for sharing in blog posts like this.

Use this if you want to engage with people in a meme-based conversation. In our experience, it has lead to some great conversations with incredible engagement and some great laughs.

Pixlr – A Free Web-Based Photo Editing Software

Pixlr editing software

A quick and easy to use photo editor for when you need to edit photos or images on the fly. I use Photoshop every day and I still like to have the flexibility of using Pixlr when I am away from my main workstation. To be honest, Photoshop is a beast of a program with a ton of features that most people just don’t have the time and patience to learn. Pixlr is very intuitive and allows you to make simple adjustments very quickly and download for later use. It also has an option available for download. 100% free.


Face Pixelization

Sometimes you need to blur out a face in the crowd, an email address in an image, or blur out something in a photo to maintain privacy. It happens. Facepixelizer makes it simple and secure for you so that you don’t have to worry about privacy or rights issues cropping up later.




Lumen5 by Sniply easily converts blog posts and articles into engaging slideshow videos. It is a quick and simple tool to use as it uses a drag and drop interface for adding video clips and images into the slides. Once you are finished the render will be emailed to you for download while you get on with other tasks.


Airstory User Interface


Airstory is built for teams to contribute remotely to their content marketing projects. Using a drag and drop “card” feature Airstory creates a system for people to be able to load their research into the project via Airstory’s integrations with Google Chrome extensions and Zapier integration. The interface is fairly intuitive and makes it a breeze to sit down and start polishing the end product before publishing. The freemium model also gives solopreneurs and small teams a dynamic platform to build their content library while still remaining budget-conscious.

At Social Linus Media we know that streamlining the content creation process is essential to the long term success of any content team. By using these tools and experimenting with them we have been able to shorten our turnaround time as well as create new ways to serve up valuable content to our visitors. Give them a trial run and experience the same time savings as our team. We’d love to hear what worked for you and also what did not work for you.

Do you have a favorite set of tools for content creation? Let us know in the comments below. Falling behind on updating your content? We can help take that off your to-do list.


June 2024


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