Many so-called experts predicted the end of outbound sales when the internet first arrived.  They predicted that the ease of doing research on products and ordering online would eliminate the need for outbound sales reps. Not only were those experts wrong, but it also went in the opposite direction.  There are more outbound sales jobs available now than there were before the internet was born.

Becoming a successful outbound sales rep is one of the best ways of becoming financially independent.  Here are some tips to get you on your way.

Mental Game

Outbound sales is mostly a head game.  If you can get into the right mental state, you can figure out the rest. Most sales reps fail, not due to a lack of skills, training or development, but because they simply quit. Everything you need to be a successful sales rep is available to you.  There are more courses, free YouTube videos, articles, e-books, and other resources than at any time in the history of our economy.

But if you don’t have the mental fortitude of doing the work, none of those tools will be useful to you.  You have to first start internally and get your head game right.

Leverage the Power of Email

Once you get your mental game on, now you can start leveraging the tools available to you.  One tool that wasn’t available for outbound sales reps prior to the internet is email. Email can be a powerful tool in getting meetings, doing follow up, closing the sale and even getting referrals.  It’s a plain reality that 99% of consumers check their email every day, so why not use it to get more sales?

There are great retail software and email automation tools out there that can blast out emails for you so you don’t have to do it manually. Some do mass emails.  You simply load a list and you can blast out a message any time you want. Other tools that are tailored to each individual email. These tools are commonly called sales funnel tools. They take a lead as they come in and automatically trickle emails out to them on a set schedule.

Follow-ups Are Key

Following up is one of the key areas that will distinguish you from other sales reps.  Most reps don’t follow up consistently or at all. That gives you the edge if you have the discipline to follow up with a prospect.

The key to effective follow-ups is staying organized.  Making sure you know when and how to follow up with a prospect will enable you to touch them enough to close the sale.

Ask for the Sale

Many reps are reluctant to ask for the sale.  But when you’re in something like retail sales, you need to be able to do one-call closes. Although follow-ups are important, they can also suck up a lot of time and energy.  Ask for the sale each time. The worst that can happen is that they say “no.”

It doesn’t take much to become a sales success.  With just a few tools and tips, anyone with enough grit and passion can make a great living in sales. Start by following these tips and watch your own outbound selling prowess improve.

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July 2024


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